Do Near Death Experiences Prove Hell?

“Almost no one who has ever studied the near-death experience (NDE) comes away thinking that Hell is eternal.” Dr. Ken Vincent, a Near Death Experience researcher and author

Ken Vincent, Ed.D., is retired from teaching Psychology, including the Psychology of Religious Experience at Houston Community College who has studied Near Death Experiences (NDE) extensively. He is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, International Association of Near-Death Studies, and the Foundation for Contemporary Theology. Among his several books is “Visions of God from the Near-Death Experience” in which he draws parallels to the wisdom of the prophets and sages of the world’s religions and the modern day Near Death Experience (NDE)


    • Please help get this message to people, I am so sad people are scared and thinks God is a villain. I want the truth out. How can I do this?. I believe it could be dangerous.The radicals who God loves and they will never see hell, cause there is none, will I’m afraid not accept this.
      Jennifer Morton

  1. Yes I believe there’s a hell and something will happen after we die we go somewhere my Granny had a Near Death Experience just before she could die she said that a man in full white was waiting for her and that was her friend I believe that this was a being from another place maybe he’s an Angel I don’t know, but that convinces me enough that there is hell I believe there are bad and good people so when they die there’s a place for them after they die both the good and bad People


  2. I have always believed there was no hell, but heard so much about it I was a little scared. I am so grateful to find this website. I now know I was right, cause GOd led me to you!! Thank you Tentmaker
    Jennifer Morton

  3. I was born again almost 44 years ago. I got myself lost very quickly. I could not deal with the concept of hell but thought it was real and it almost ruined my life. It’s been less than a week since I found the truth. For the first time, I can honestly say the gospel is good news. After hating a God that doesn’t exist, I’m ready to learn to love the one that does. Incidentally, I have been in church most of those years.

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