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Valley of Gehenna
Map - Valley of Gehenna

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Valley of Gehenna
Map - Valley of Gehenna

After spending several years in many different denominations of Christianity, spending thousands of hours comparing and studying various translations of the Bible, looking into the Greek and Hebrew behind our English translations, studying the writings of the early Church Fathers, and seeking God in prayer with all that is in me, I am one hundred percent convinced there is NO such thing as a Hell of everlasting tortures as taught in most denominations of Christianity.

This site is dedicated to the eradication of the myth of Hell from the face of this earth. This pagan myth, invented by men and women—NOT God—has been a great stain upon the nature and character of our Creator for thousands of years. It has turned men and women into animals and caused them to see the Creator as a fiend. It is time to dismantle this evil.

After spending several years in many different denominations of Christianity, spending thousands of hours comparing and studying various translations of the Bible, looking into the Greek and Hebrew behind our English translations, studying the writings of the early Church Fathers, and seeking God in prayer with all that is in me, I am one hundred percent convinced there is NO such thing as a Hell of everlasting tortures as taught in most denominations of Christianity.

The Bible states that when God’s judgment are in the earth, its peoples will learn righteousness. (Isaiah 26:9) Will a son or a daughter learn righteousness watching their God of love endlessly torture their mother or father who did not or could not accept Christ as their Lord and Savior? James, the apostle, declares that “mercy shall triumph or exalt over judgment.” (James 2:13) Yet according to most sects of Christendom, the greatest part of humanity will NOT receive God’s mercy, but be eternally damned to a place in which is NO mercy. In Adam, according to the Bible, ALL were consigned to death, but according to church tradition, only a handful will receive eternal life despite the fact that Paul repeated stated in his writings that ALL mankind would receive eternal life through Christ’s single act of righteousness on behalf of all mankind. (Rom. 5:15-21, 1 Cor. 15:22, 1 Tim. 2:3-6, 1 Tim. 4:9-11, 1 Cor. 15:55, Col. 1:16-20, Eph. 1:10, Phil. 2:9-11, 1 Cor. 15:28, 1 Cor. 3:15, ROM 11:15, Heb. 1:2, etc.)

The Jewish and Christian Scriptures in their original languages do NOT contain such a hideous concept of God’s punishments. There are MANY English Bible translations which do NOT contain the concept of Hell nor eternal punishment. Some of these Bibles are: Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible (Kregal Publishers, still in print), Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (Baker Book House Publishers, still in print; Robert Young is author of the famous Young’s Concordance), Concordant Literal Translation of the N.T. (Concordant Publishing Concern, still in print), Scarlet’s New Testament (Nathaniel Scarlett, 1798), The New Testament (Abner Kneeland, 1823) Emphatic Diaglott (Greek/English Interlinear), The New Covenant (J.W. Hanson, 1884), New Testament in Modern Speech (Weymouth, 1910), The Restoration of Original Sacred Name Bible (1976), The Twentieth Century New Testament (1900), The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Anointed (James L. Tomanek)1958), The Western New Testament (1926), The New Testament, a Translation (Rev. Edgar Lewis Clementson, 1938), The People’s New Testament (Arthur Overbury), The Holy Bible in Modern English (Ferrar Fenton, still in print), The New Testament, A New Translation based upon the Oldest Manuscripts (Johannes Greber, 1980).

There are other translations like the Companion Bible King James Version, American Standard Version (1901), the Newberry Reference Bible (Still published by Kregal Publications), and the Riverside New Testament by Ballantine (1934) which contain footnotes, marginal readings and appendages which point out that several key Greek and Hebrew words have been Mistranslated by such Bible versions as the King James Bible.

The books and articles on this site will conclusively prove to reasonable and rational men and women, that the concept of a place of everlasting burnings in literal flames in a place called Hell comes from the minds of men, rather than the heart of God.

The ancient Greek mythology and Roman historians make it quite plain who invented Hell:

Who were the Ancient Inventors of Hell?

Polybius, the ancient historian, says: “Since the multitude is ever fickle, full of lawless desires, irrational passions and violence, there is no other way to keep them in order but by the fear and terror of the invisible world; on which account our ancestors seem to me to have acted judiciously, when they contrived to bring into the popular belief these notions of the gods, and of the infernal regions.” B. vi 56.

Livy, the celebrated historian, speaks of it in the same spirit; and he praises the wisdom of Numa, because he invented the fear of the gods, as “a most efficacious means of governing an ignorant and barbarous populace.” Hist., I 19.

Strabo, the geographer, says: “The multitude are restrained from vice by the punishments the gods are said to inflict upon offenders, and by those terrors and threatenings which certain dreadful words and monstrous forms imprint upon their minds…For it is impossible to govern the crowd of women, and all the common rabble, by philosophical reasoning, and lead them to piety, holiness and virtue – but this must be done by superstition, or the fear of the gods, by means of fables and wonders; for the thunder, the aegis, the trident, the torches (of the Furies), the dragons, &c., are all fables, as is also all the ancient theology. These things the legislators used as scarecrows to terrify the childish multitude.” Geog., B. I

Timaeus Locrus, the Pythagorean, after stating that the doctrine of rewards and punishments after death is necessary to society, proceeds as follows: “For as we sometimes cure the body with unwholesome remedies, when such as are most wholesome produce no effect, so we restrain those minds with false relations, which will not be persuaded by the truth. There is a necessity, therefore, of instilling the dread of those foreign torments: as that the soul changes its habitation; that the coward is ignominiously thrust into the body of a woman; the murderer imprisoned within the form of a savage beast; the vain and inconstant changed into birds, and
the slothful and ignorant into fishes.”

Plato, in his commentary on Timaeus, fully endorses what he says respecting the fabulous invention of these foreign torments. And Strabo says that “Plato and the Brahmins of India invented fables concerning the future judgments of hell” (Hades). And Chrysippus blames Plato for attempting to deter men from wrong by frightful stories of future punishments.

Plato himself is exceedingly inconsistent, sometimes adopting, even in his serious discourses, the fables of the poets, and at other times rejecting them as utterly false, and giving too frightful views of the invisible world. Sometimes, he argues, on social grounds, that they are necessary to restrain bad men from wickedness and crime, and then again he protests against them on political grounds, as intimidating the citizens, and making cowards of the soldiers, who, believing these things, are afraid of death, and do not therefore fight well.

But all this shows in what light he regarded them; not as truths, certainly, but as fictions, convenient in some cases, but difficult to manage in others. Seneca says: “Those things which make the infernal regions terrible, the darkness, the prison, the river of flaming fire, the judgment seat, &c., are all a fable, with which the poets amuse themselves, and by them agitate us with vain terrors.” Sextus Empiricus calls them “poetic fables of hell;” and Cicero speaks of them as “silly absurdities and fables” (ineptiis ac fabulis). Aristotle. “It has been handed down in mythical form from earliest times to posterity, that there are gods, and that the divine (Deity) compasses all nature. All beside this has been added, after the mythical style, for the purpose of persuading the multitude, and for the interests of the laws, and the advantage of the state.” Neander’s Church Hist., I, p. 7. 11

The above quotes were taken from: The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment by Dr. Thomas Thayer.

As we can see from the above quotes, it was political and economic leaders who created these religious myths in order to keep the people under their power. The ancient Roman leaders gave the people circuses, professional wrestling matches, carnivals, gladiator shows, and a host of underworld myths in order to keep the people ignorant and too busy to think for themselves. The political, economic, and religious powers have joined forces over the centuries to create a three-headed false Trinity which has lulled the multitudes to sleep with entertainment and fables. The ancient Roman Emperors kept power by keeping the ignorant masses entertained with great circuses, gladiator show and wrestling matches AND by creating myths of the afterlife to keep them locked up in fear.

The “What the hell is Hell” site is dedicated to removing the carnival sideshows which have been ADDED to ancient Christianity which have deceived all the nations of the world. We plan to expose them…ALL of them….and we will NOT hold back any punches. When these lies are removed from early Christianity, the true teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles will emerge.

This site is dedicated to exposing the lies perpetuated by this most unholy triune alliance of the political, economic (business people), and religious forces of the world. This unholy “trinity” has been a counterfeit of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the true primitive Christian faith.

It is time for the world to meet the truth. The Truth is a Person. When the lies which have covered up the truth found in primitive Christianity are exposed, the Truth found in Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world will come forth.—-Gary Amirault

At This Site, You Will Discover:

  • How this unholy triune alliance snuffed out the truth of the early Christian faith.
  • That early Christianity did NOT teach Hell.
  • The Bible in its original Greek and Hebrew languages does NOT contain the concept of Hell.
  • Where our modern Christian concept of Hell came from.
  • Bible translations which do NOT contain the concept of Hell
  • What Christianity devoid of a two-faced god who says he is love but plans to torture most people endlessly really looks like.
  • And much, much more…

Stay tuned. This site will be added to frequently in the months ahead.

Some resources to begin your journey:

Not all English Bible translations contain the concept of Hell:
The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail by Gary Amirault and Tony Hinkle
(Proves many Bibles do NOT contain Hell or “everlasting punishment.”)

Mistranslation of the Greek and Hebrew which brought Hell into our English translations. Words like Sheol, Hades, Tartarus, Gehenna, aion:

The Bible Hell by Dr. J.W. Hanson

Analytical Study of Words by Louis Abbott

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment by Dr. Thomas Thayer

Aion by Dr. J.W. Hanson

The Power of Life and Death is a Four Letter Greek Word–Aion by Gary Amirault

Time and Eternity by G.T. Stevenson

Rebuttals of Hell-supporting Scriptures in some Bibles:

Bible Threatenings Explained by Dr. J.W. Hanson

Rich Man and Lazarus Parable Explained

Proofs Annihilationism is NOT taught in the original languages of the Bible:

Eternal Death: One Step Out of Hell, One Step Short of Glory

God’s punishment is NOT eternal:

Just what you do mean…Judgment? by J. Preston Eby

Arguments and Scriptures Favoring the Salvation of All Mankind:

Arguments in Favor of Universalism by E.E. Guild

Early Christian View of the Savior by Gary Amirault

100 Scriptural Proofs Jesus is the Savior of the world


  1. I love your site! It’s so refreshing to read something like this and to know that people are educated enough to search for their own truth…im so glad I found this site. It makes me feel like I can live a life of freedom and not constant judgement. Happiness comes from knowing you can love god without being scared into it…that “love” is not a genuine one.

    • Unfortunately there is no such thing as “your own truth”, truth is absolute and universal. “Educated” people Who belive that there is no such thing as truth are in for a surprise when they face God’s judgement. (rom 1:22: Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools)

      Romans 3:23 sais that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, you can not come in Gods presence in the state you are in. But God provided a solution true his son Jesus Crist. He paid the price so you dont have to fear judgement. That’s the Genuine LOVE of God, and if you accept that offer, you don’t have to fear judgement.

      But if you ignore judgement, you are in for a shock…

      Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

      Admin: Ah, the judgment! Surprise!
      Mercy shall triumph over judgment! James 2:13

  2. I just have a question: So what do you believe will happen when a person dies? Well they go immediately to heaven, or stay there until the resurrection?

    You keep saying that hell is temporary; does that mean that you still believe there will be a “temporary burning pit” in the future once Jesus comes back, or will there be no punishment whatsoever for those who reject Christ?

    Just curious.
    – Ryan N.

    • Man going to Heaven, to Hell, Satan, Christ(s), Rapture, eternal punishments are all pagan concepts. You won’t find them in the Tanak.

      Am I saying xtianity is pagan?… absolutely! Where did the NT come from? Pagan Greek scribes… the Hebrew versions of the NT was translated from the Greek hundreds of years later. There are NO historical versions of the NT older than the pagan Greeks.There are no saviours except the Creator, and the Xtian Jesus is not the Creator. Isa 43:11 “I, I am ????, and besides Me there is no saviour.

      Xtians mistake messiahs for saviours… They are not the same. a messiah can be a tent peg, a tent, a table, a pile of rocks, even a nation and more. The 2 requirements for a messiah is it be anointed with anointing oil and then charged with a task or goal. The Xtian’s Jesus/yahushua was never anointed with anointing oil and charged with a task. He was not even a messiah, let alone a saviour.

      Psst… Human sacrifices are an abomination to ???? too. So no one died for your sins.

      According to EZE 18 you are accountable for your own sins/actions…. no proxies allowed. Xtians should check this out

      With the entire NT inspired and created from pagan Greek minds. it is difficult to declare with any certainty that the NT Jesus/Yahushua ever existed. He was never documented by anyone outside of the NT or by contemporary Jewish historians of his time. If he was Jewish messiah… they would have written about him.

      Going to heaven and hell are tools Xtians use to dupe their victims.

    • Hi Ryan,

      If you are reading this, it is because by the grace of the Almighty God I want to answer your question; first I ask you to provoke God so He can answer your questions, if you are a genuine servant, you know what I mean, if you are not, I mean, humble yourself with all your heart and ask God for help when you have questions and do not stop until He answers, for He will.

      Answer to your question: When a person dies, he goes nowhere. he sleeps a dreamless sleep and will waint until the first or second resurrection.


  3. I enjoy the site. I find it informative and challenging to the doctrine of Hell I had struggled with but never actively doubted. Now in reading many links, I have more of an open mind to the less threatening (and more sensible) possibilites.

    QUESTION: Rev. 20:15, where it says anyone not written in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire. Your site offers insight to verses 12-14, but I have not found mention of verse 15. How would you explain verse 15, where clearly individuals are thrown into the same “lake of fire” as Death and Hell, a term of complete destruction used for the complete elimination of death and Hell?

    • There are many ‘tests’ in the Bible as Jesus would say in his teaching ‘have you read’ meaning Jewish scriptures. This is the ‘filter’ for such verses. Examples of tests from God:
      1) Satan and his angels- satan has NO angels ALL are from God
      2) 2nd death-there is NO 2nd death
      3) Lake of fire is NO where in Jewish scripture and even if it was it would sound funny in Rev 20 that Hades (hell) is trown into the lake of fire (Hell) . Hell thrown into hell?? Why didn’t the translators change ;this’ hades to hell?? They changed (in error) other places in the NT. ‘Pick and choose’ to fit ‘their theology’

    • my friend don’t be fooled by the intelectual arguements that hell is temporary or does not exist at all because if this is so than Jesus death on the cross has no purpose and that we can then all acheive salvation by our own merits rather than by the sacrificial lamb who was sent by God the father to be an atonement for all of our sins. The bible which is the word of God clearly states that anyone who rejects the gift of salvation will be judged and cast into the lake of fire for eternity. We are warned in scripture that there would be many in the last days who would fall away from the faith and give into seducing spirits and to follow those preaching another Jesus. God commands us always to seek the truth by reading his word. If you are truly seeking, pray and ask God to reveal the truth to you and he will, don’t be fooled by the cunningness of men.

      Admin: God is love, a love that never fails. That’s the Bible. the “cunningness of men” is to diminish God’s glory and exalt man’s just like this man is doing. Please read:

    • Let me give you my take on Rev verse 15. It is logical that when we die we go to our grave until the second resurrection. Those who overcome sin and kept the laws and commandments will be rewarded with everlasting life in the one thousand year reign as kings and priests under Christ’s rule. The rest will remain in their graves until after the thousand year reign…at the time of judgement and salvation for all.

      On the day of judgement all souls will be awaken and shown the two worlds under Satan and under Christ. All souls will be given the opportunity of salvation but there will be those who came out of their sleep the same people and character before death. Some will still reject God as did Lucifer. Out of an act of mercy God will send them to the lake of fire to suffer the second death…not eternal torment. God knows that the real torment is living without him so He does what any just father would do is to put them out of their everlasting misery.

      I may be wrong…but it makes more sense than this religious nonsense of an everlasting blast furnace.

      Admin: Go read “Eternal Death, one step out of Hell, one step short of Glory” by Gary Amirault at:
      Admin: Mercy shall triumph over judgment. James 2:13

    • Hi Nick,

      I don’t know if you ever had a reply for your question, but by the grace of the almighty I want to answer it. First when you have questions, do not just ask people, but pray and ask God, and keep praying until He answers. Sometimes, He will answer directly to you, others, he will send you where to find the answer or send a person to give you the answer, but first, provoke Him, humble yourself in front of Him and talk to Him like father and son.

      Answer to your question: Verse 15 of revelation 20, is total elemination of death, hell, satan, and every bad spirits and disobedient persons, the term forever is the same used for Sodoma and Gomorrah.. they will be no more trace of them, total destruction.


    • Hi Nick,

      Did you ever get an answer to your question? i have asked on other sites and no one has answered me to the question aout the book of life. Please let me know. Also, what is your understanding and position. This was just revealed to me and I am testing the Spirit.
      In HIM,

  4. I don’t know what your site is about. I find it very confusing. Are you a Christian? Are you sure you are teaching the right things? Why did you say that lies come from the earliest Christians? Are you trying to turn away from God’s truth? Are you trying to say that there is no Hell? Convert and repent from your sins.


  5. I appreciate the fact that you have sought out truth, but truth is not found by misinterpreting AND taking out of context the Scriptures that you are using as support for your argument. For example, James 2:13 (in its entirety) states: “For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.” The last sentence in this verse [“Mercy triumphs over judgment”] cannot be separated from the preceding statement which says that we as believers will not be shown mercy if we do not show mercy. This passage is referencing the mercy or judgment that we choose or do not choose to show to OTHERS. This is not in reference to God and non-believers come Judgment Day. According to one argument presented on the, if you make an argument against the doctrine of Hell, then it goes without saying that the reverse should also be true (there is no Heaven). Therefore, if you believe in Heaven, you must believe in Hell if your worldview is going to be accurate. If there is no Hell, then what do we need to be saved from? There would be no reason for us to live as Christ did or seek to become more and more like Him, because what is there to lose if we don’t? Yes, eternal punishment should not be our primary motivation for seeking to be godly, but it gives Christians more of a reason to be completely grateful that through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we have a choice of where we will spend eternity. Also, it goes without saying that the universe is filled with opposite forces. How could we define good as good if there is no opposite force of evil? How can we rejoice and be glad in our future in Heaven that awaits those saved by Christ’s sacrifice if there isn’t a horrific place of eternal torture and anguish (for the punishment that we DESERVE [all of us] for sinning and defying God)? Hell would and should be every single human beings final destination because of the fact that our sin cannot dwell in the presence of God, but because of God’s incredible gift of MERCY, He sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins and pay the price that all of us should have had to pay. But we must choose to accept Christ’s gift in order for it to apply to us. For example, in Romans 5:15-21 (which you referenced as a part of your argument for “ALL mankind would receive eternal life through Christ’s single act of righteousness on behalf of all mankind”), it says “For if, because of one man’s trespass [aka: Adam], death reigned through that one man, much more will those who RECEIVE the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man Jesus Christ.” He did indeed die for the sins of every single person that has ever lived and ever will live, but we have the choice to either accept or reject His gift. We must choose between good and evil; right and wrong; Heaven and Hell.

    Admin: So then according to this theology, if God is love, then He must also be hate…eternally. A double minded god is unstable in all his ways. A better solution:
    Admin: Mercy shall triumph over judgment. James 2:13

  6. So you believe in Heaven but not Hell. Great. I can’t wait to chill out with Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in Heaven.

    Admin: So you think are you better than some folks. You have a rude awakening. There isn’t a nickel’s difference between you and any other person on earth. Now study to show yourself approved:

  7. ummmm dude paul say there will be eternal life, but in the scripture it never says where the eternal life would be spent. You could spend eternity in HELL( which acording to you “doesnt exist”) or in Heaven, which btw it is a real place. BTW im 16!!! how long have u been waisting ur life trying to disprove god?

    Admin: Actually, Anthony, I spend my entire life PROVING God and His love. And when you grow up, may you be just like your God. God is a love that NEVER fails, not once. Believe it.

  8. OMG what kind of message ,I got a lot of freedom wawww i found this truth a lot of year ,but i coudn;t Iam tired coz of religions,praise God i need more to learn,more blessingg.pls contact me,

  9. why person go to hell when everything is made and done by god, why god do not take responsibility of any event but put on human being .please explain the reason.when some body is worshipng to god for his requirement

  10. Jesus said it would be better to pluck an eye out, than to enter into Hell “where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched”. Why would Jesus be talking about Gehenna? The fact is that God is Holy and Just. He will not allow:(1 Cor. 6:9-10) Fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners into Heaven. Read Revelation and tell me that God is not fiercely wrathful. He will judge all men by their works. And any who match any description above, will burn in Hell for eternity unless you repent and trust the Savior.

    Admin: I only have one question for you. Why isn’t the church full of one-eyed people? Because they don’t believe for themselves what they put on others. Jesus called that hypocrites. And isn’t that what you are? Yes.
    Admin: Mercy shall triumph over judgment. James 2:13

  11. I am a former minister for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The concept of Hell is a travesty, and I believe that it has affected the collective psychology, and has been responsible for much of our negative history. People living in guilt for their supposed sins, and bearing guilt for friends and relatives that they are convinced are in Hell, cannot help but make horrible life-decisions based on a terrible lie. People have enough fear of dying, and the church adds greatly to that burdon by preaching Hell and Damnation. I am so glad that yoy have this site. It is a great example of when the creature develops compassion and mercy and will stand no longer the restraints of an insecure God. A God, no doubt created by insecure and bitter people that are so consumed with hate, that they accept a concept of Hell because they want their enemies to suffer for eternity. For what? To show them how wrong they were because they spoke a d8fferent truth? Or, worse yet, their enemies dared to question God. I can only imagine how much better the world will be when the concept of Hell is abolished.

  12. This is utter rubbish what you are saying you are misleading poeple and you better know this right Now. The truth is hell is as real as is Heaven. Its a reality if you are not born again and THAT IS THAT THE TRUTH TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT….This things are spiritual so sorry No amount of research you did can prove this they are but foolishness to the natural men. See with the eys of the spirit!!


  13. if you really believe in GOD He would have told you that you are being deceived by satan the father of all liers go back and read rev20:15/12:14 very well

  14. Seek and ye shall find. Unfortunately, this means also that if you seek for what you ‘wish’ to me true, or what you would ‘like’ to be true – you can find that also. Sadly, this is human reason and not real truth at all. Don’t go about – first, reasoning in your mind what ‘seems’ right to you – then go looking to see if there is a way to fit scriptures with your thinking, or your thinking into scripture. From this man made philosophy, will rise much heresy. Instead, seek truth from scripture and reason how it, being the true Word of God, must be true and accept it as such and thank the beloved God who revealed it to you. And praise Him for it. Amen!


    • Sweetheart, the spirit you are speaking through I do not want. I KNOW that religious spirit and it is dark. VERY FEW mothers in this world would do to their children what you say God is going to do to billions of His children. Mother, I honestly feel sorry for your children, if they have been fed the poison you are presenting here. God is love a love that never fails. Obviously, as of yet, you do not know this love.

  16. Heaven and hell are real. Heaven is eternity in the presence of God, creator and ruler of all that is. Hell is eternal separation from God and all creation for those who have chosen other than God. God doesn’t send anyone to hell. Each of us have our entire lives to make the choice – a relationship with God or separation from God. A very gifted writer (and I can’t remember his name) described that separation from God. God created light, land, water, animals, plants, etc. Now imagine not having any of those things. Existing for all eternity absent from all that God is and created. No light – total darkness; no land to stand on, no water to drink, no food or companionship. Hell is the chaos, the dark void, described in Genesis before creation began. God gave us free will – the right to choose. We choose where we spend eternity – not God.

  17. taking you up on your offer: if you lay any of the ten leading English Bibles before me, it will be very easy to show differences in translation among them which involve key doctrinal issues. I will be more than happy to point out a few for those who do not believe me. Write me and I will send you examples

    will be helpful as I bring myself up to speed.

    Thanks much


  18. The message above in ALL CAPS from W I don’t find to be poison at all. It may depend on where each of us is in life, and the lessons and experiences we’ve gained along the way. I have learned the hard way that denying God brings pain and regret, almost too unbearable to face. I know because I’ve done it. I ‘backslid’ terribly, and wasn’t even aware of it at the time I was doing it. I thought I was being ‘more enlightened.’ All life IS in God’s hands, and it is His LOVE that brings us back to safety in the Father’s arms if we do stray… but not without consequences. I know because I’m suffering through them now, as a result of the hardening of my heart. What God did to get my attention pained me greatly, but I’m so glad He did. My only wish now is that God can use my experience to help others avoid the wages of sin… and it starts by not being deceived by sin… which starts with staying close to the heart of God and obeying Him, even when it’s hard… trusting that He will help you overcome. His laws are FOR us, for our health, safety and joy. I never understood the psalmists love for God’s Law, I saw it as too hard to keep. But now I understand, and feel that same love… because I transgressed and know firsthand how much I hurt myself, others, and God. The Law was there to keep that from happening… and I appreciate it now more than ever, and vow never to give in to sin again, with the help of God’s grace. I probably got off track here, but I think God may be using these words to help others. I understand and share ADMIN’s dislike for ‘religion’ or ‘churchianity’… but the Law of God is our freedom. It’s a paradoxical mystery. In order to win, we surrender. In order to be free, we must be Christ’s slave. Pierce my ear, Lord, this day. Let me never stray from your side again, you have forgiven much in me, and I marvel at your great, awesome Love, which I will never take advantage of again. I am proof that you can’t outrun God’s Love… and His mercy endures forever. He doesn’t give up on any of us.

  19. Come on, your telling me that you have an “out” for hell in every reference in the bible. Your trying to disprove hell so you have an “out.” Your letting people off the hook, that there is no consequences for our actions. Sin all you want, but hey your o.k. because the worse God can do to you is not let you into heaven. And hey dont forget the grace factor as well. Sin all you want because God will forgive you, dont accept Jesus as your Lord and savior, because the grave is a much better place to be. I love how you guys make it so easy. You know your bible, but you truly dont understand it. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET PEOPLE TO HEAVEN…DONT YOU WANT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO MAKE IT THERE WITH YOU. EVEN IF THERE WASNT A HELL, NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE GONNA MAKE IT TO HEAVEN, SO BEING BURIED IN THE GROUND IS OK WITH YOU… you remind me of a guy i knew who had a affair on his wife, he said he was sorry, had another affair, said he was sorry, and wanted to continue in ministry like everything was ok, no consequences for his actions, or restitution, no attempts to make his wrongs right, with counciling or anything. So what line does he use, Jesus forgave me why cant you. You cant use “grace” for everything. So bottom line, this is one sad website.

    Answer to this man’s lack of faith:

  20. Love your site and your work. Many of us are looking desperately for truth, we come to sites such as yours for help and we need to be lead to sites and books that contain truth… including bibles.
    You state about… A New Translation…
    “The Jewish and Christian Scriptures in their original languages do NOT contain such a hideous concept of God’s punishments. There are MANY English Bible translations which do NOT contain the concept of Hell nor eternal punishment. Some of these Bibles are:…A New Translation based upon the Oldest Manuscripts (Johannes Greber, 1980)”.
    Although this translation does not contain the idea of a torturous hell, it is none the less an inaccurate, and a mistranslation translations of the original Holy writings! Concerning truth of the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Word, and there for I would not recommend the use of this bible in a search for the truth as you have sited.

    A New Translation-an incorrect translation of the scriptures John 1:1 is just one example of that. It states… “the Word is “a” god.” This teaching that Jesus the Word is a god, is just as hideous as any teaching of hell-fire!

    FYI- Johannes Greber is an ex catholic priest who also wrote COMMUNICATION WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD and has also used his wife in his translations, she is not a scholar but a spirit medium . The Jehovah Witnesses use this bible in their teaching, and they are a harmful cult and a false prophet .
    I would gently and humbly ask that you remove this bible from your list of bibles for it is a bad translation of the Holy Scriptures.
    T Grace

  21. I like what you believe and agree with you. Not sure if you check this site any more but I would like to know how you feel or believe about God and Jesus. I know what I have found in the Bible and believe that we are being taught incorrectly
    One last thing do you believe that all are saved because of what Christ did?

  22. The reason people do not want their concept of Hell taken away is that they want there to be a place for their enemies to rot for ever. After memorizing the books of Romans both Corithians Hebrews and Half of John I realized that the theme of Gods word is not Heaven and or Hell but repossession. God wants to repossess his creation through the Spirit of Faith (the Holy Spirit). Hell is real as Jesus warned us of it, however it does not come after we die but as we die. If the kingdom of heaven is in a man so is the kingdom of hell. Hell is a place we descend (katabaino) into when we engage into sin.God also created Hell for the refining process of ALL humanity. It is safe to say Hell is a Holy place that is not fun to be in at first but when it is done its job purifying it is a place that is clearly needed. The words discernment, judgement, condemantion and damnation are of the same family of greek words, krino, krisis and krima. They discribe the court proceedings of heaven in that order damnation being the sentence carried out, here on earth. If we as people fail to allow the purification of the holy judgements here on earth we get to eat our vegetables cold and soggy on that final day of judgement.

  23. Great website, friend!
    I have been a Christian for 15 years and have only recently been investigating the issue of Hell. I am becoming more and more convinced that there is something “fishy” with the Scriptures on this point. Hell is not mentioned in the Old Testament. The closest approximation we have to it is the Hebrew term, Sheol, which only denotes a realm of death. Sheol refers to the reality of death and not to anything about punishment thereafter, much less an eternal one.
    One of the better Christian Apologetics I have read for the absence of Hell in the Old Testament elicits from Christ’s Ransom on the Cross. The defense said that people were detained in Sheol, in a kind of soul-sleep until Christ’s Descent when He died on the Cross. Christ’s Ransom was needed to win Heaven for the soul so it could go beyond Sheol.
    But, that still means that all those people for the 5000 some-odd years in the Old Testament era were not aware of the consequences for their sins. It still fails to answer why this was not communicated throughout this era. Why wouldn’t the potential for eternal torment be communicated in any kind of explicit manner? All we have in the O.T is Death or the Grave not eternal Hell!

  24. The trench of Hell is still burning after all these years, therefore I will work out my salvation with fear and trembling as fitting to the saints who adore Him. Better to be safe than sorry!!
    Don’t rob God of His glory and replace it with cheap grace! Bless God with a servants heart. See Him as a praise worthy God, a Holy God, not as dormant, as one who didn’t make the thunder!
    I will praise Him for He is worthy of praise. I will lift my hands in worship all through the day. I will praise Him, praise Him, for He is worthy of praise. Jesus Christ is Lord of all and worthy to be praised!
    So far so good is the status of some souls, but will they remain in Him?

  25. This is what is called free thinking and research, two things that will scare the average fundamentalist into fits. People are taught DO NOT QUESTION, JUST ACCEPT, BECAUSE TO DO SO IS BLASPHEMY which makes them slaves to lies and the falsehoods preacher men have used for generations to scare people into the seats and empty their wallets. I am not a christian, I do not know if there is a God but if there is then he most certainly could not rationally, logically be a deity so contradictory as to create people then turn around call himself a being of love and burn them in a scortching, unimaginable torment for ever and ever with no redemption ever. No human could be guilty of such offenses, but the bible is retranslated hither and thither to suit the needs of the powerbrokers of religion. I suspect, as do the deists, that nature teaches man that we must be engineered by some force, but if indeed this is truth then that force would not waste his time being so cruel to his own creation but would instead have the end game quite clearly worked out. I myself dont waste time in fruitless persuit of prayer or miracles but instead live daily in the acceptance that what will be at death will be, and that is simply the cycle of life. I have no control over it nor concern over it, and for that reason I dismiss death and am not controlled by religious leaders who have their eyes on my wallet. Very good page, Great work. Gene

  26. I am so glad to have found this website. So many things that didn’t make sense just seem to fall into order. I’m so glad God loves, not only me, but all of us. He’s got the whole world in His Hand!

  27. Great website
    Doctrine of hell is a demonic teaching, it is exactly what Satan wants, to present God as the exact opposite of who God is and that is Love which never ends and never fails.
    You cannot be all love and righteous but at the same time give a punishment that is so much worse then anything we can ever do in this world, you cannot be love and torment your disobeying children for eternity, no one deserves a punishment like that.
    so sad that Christians just accept this crap without even thinking or trying to figure out if this is really what the bible teaches.
    the doctrine of eternal torment together with the pre tribulation rapture and the trinity are all made to confuse us and deceive us from seeing God for who he really is, every knee will bow and confess eventually which makes me believe that not only no one will be tormented forever but many people with the right heart will get a second chance at their resurrection or when christ comes back to accept God’s free gift, God does not want any to perish, God is all about chances and more chances, God is not in the soul destroying/tormenting business but soul saving business unfortunately many people will still choose the way to destruction because narrow is the road that leads to life.

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