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As Bible translations become purer, we find that references to Hell vanish from the pages of the Bible. Most translations only contain the word “Hell” a dozen times or so and many do not contain the word at all. The primary word some Bibles translate “Hell” is the Greek word “Gehenna.”

This “Gehenna” is the valley in the Old Testament called “ga ben Hinnom” or “the valley of the son of Hinnom,” also called “Tophet,” a valley in which Israel burned their own children. (Note that it was God’s own people who did the burning, NOT God Himself, who thought such a deed was utterly detestable! Jer. 32:35)

The Scriptures also foretell that this abominable valley would one day become a garden. Below are some pictures of this very valley in Israel which many Christians believe is Hell. It’s rather ironic that the other valleys around it are barren and filled with graves, while the valley orthodox Christianity calls “Hell” has become a garden. Let God and His word be true and every man a liar.


Image 6: Just after crossing the road that bisects the valley looking south. The sign says ‘Hinnon Valley.’


Image 1: View at the top of the valley looking northwards. This area contains a new plaza, recently built, that will contain flower beds etc.


Image 4: You now descend a little to cross a path and through some trees to enter a more rocky yet still grassy area. This view is looking South East, the bank of the road that crosses the Hinnon Valley can be seen at the far end.


Image 8: Looking south down through the lovely grass parkland.


MAP OF PHOTOS: Photos 1,4,6, and 8 are shown on this page. Additional photos can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Image 2: This is a little lower down from the Plaza looking southwards. Tim is reacting to the heat and discomfort of Gehenna. This is a large flat grassy area.

Image 3: This is the same place as Hinnon2 looking northwards. Mark* is now
reacting to walking in Hell !

Image 5: Tim and Mum* exiting the area of Hinnon4. The ledges where ‘The worm never dies’ may been seen in the background.

Image 7: Looking south down the path that descends to the lower park area.

Image 9: Looking south a little further down. The music school can be seen on the left.

Image 10: Looking south down the valley from half way up the other side, opposite Mount Zion.

Image 11: Looking back up the valley from the Mount Zion Hotel.

Image 12: Looking at the music school down in the valley. Photo taken
from the Mount Zion Hotel.

* Photos courtesy Mark Hodge.

Arthur and Rosalind Eedle apparently received the following e-mail from Mark along with the photos:

We had a great time in Israel !!

I hope you received the email that I sent from a small internet cafe in a sort of attic room in the old city of Jerusalem. The whole trip was wonderful, I have too much to say via email. We spent some time investigating the Hinnon Valley area. It is really quite extraordinary because there is little or no grass or parkland anywhere except in Gehenna. It is a really tranquil spot as you already had been informed. The Kidron Valley on the other hand is just rock, dust and tombs!

The valley appears to be in four sections, an upper plaza area, a flat grassy area, a small bit of waste land, a road, and then a large grassy parkland. The music school that I mentioned in my last email is built on the northern edge of the large grassy area. I have included some photos with this email, I hope it doesn’t take too long to download.

The file Hinnon14.jpg (map photo above) contains a map of the old city area together with arrows indicating where I took each photo and a direction indicator, showing in which direction I was facing.


  1. This may be redundant as I sent a similar message to the Tentmaker blog. I just came across your sites today and am very pleased to see that you are teaching that everyone is going to heaven.

    I myself learned this truth through reading the Bible and, apparently, doing the same sort of word studies on hell, Sheol, etc. that you did.

    I hope you will take a look at my blog and see if anything I have said is helpful to you – even if only for the encouragement of independent corroboration.

    Here is the post that will be most relevant to you:

    • Last Wednesday a group advocating punishment in the Lake of Fire posted on my Facebook page. Twice I commented with scriptural argument opposing Hell and twice it was blocked.

      Previously when I have challenged those advocating punishment in Hell , with exception to one instance, all other emails have been ignored.

      Are those advocating punishment in Hell afraid to debate the existence of Hell or are they just closed minded?

  2. ok , I am not a scientist , and not lier too . you said there is no hell . no man , there is hell . if you don’t believe in that is your issue . but that doesn’t mean it not existed . and wait , who said that the sources you were looking at are believable or ever right . you are talking about the bible . you don’t even know how much the bible have changed from the real version the real one . what you have are just some fake that your religious people did as what they want you to believe . anyway , I am going to go far in the , and I don’t offend your religion . no I absolutely don’t . but there must be a hell , otherwise where the bad people are going to go ???? . you can as a child about that and he will answer you . and seriously , if you are trying to leave a good effect on the people to make them act in a good behaviour by saying there is no hell ( as Mr Michael Gantt said above . ) actually you are doing the opposite , I can explain you how and I am very sure you don’t need to my explanation . but I will say it in case some others come here ,. it is obvious , when the bad guy realized there is no bad end for what he is doing , he is not going to stop , exactly as what the rules do . if you do bad you will be punished , see how much it is simple . just I hope from this world not to talk about the religion with know enough knowledge , and seriously look at yourself , you are doing what the past religion people did . you are something you don’t know but you want it . then you change your books and your believe through that . just please people leave the religion . you can’t change the religion by adding or removing , otherwise it is not god religion it is your creation . god religion don’t need people to correct it . it is always right . unless if you don’t trust your god . this is another story then . thank you for reading this.

    Admin: Bad people go to Hell? Well, according to the bible, there is NONE just. Nay not one. So all go to hell? Better answer:

    Admin: Mercy shall triumph over judgment. James 2:13

  3. Ok, well I don’t really have much time on my hands to talk about this right now, but I’ll try and make this simple. If there wasn’t a Hell, then there would be no point in Jesus dying on a cross for our sins, because without Hell, there is no punishment for sin. Without punishment, there would be anarchy, and there would be no need for a Savior. Why go through such pain and suffering if there was nothing to save us from? Was He just dying on a cross for the fun of it? No, of course not. The only way to argue is saying that Jesus was not the Son of God, and/or that He didn’t exist at all. To take care of this, I’ll give you some information here: There was a census taken right after Jesus was born. Jesus was registered on the census. His trial and crucifixion is on record. There is no doubt historically that He existed. If we know that He did exist, then was He insane? No, He couldn’t have been. He was wiser than the religious leaders at the time. Was He a liar? He preached against it, so I really doubt it. If He wasn’t a liar and He wasn’t insane, then we can only conclude that He is who He says He is. And if He is who He says He is, then everyone that isn’t a Christian is in serious trouble.

    Admin: No, Jesus didn’t preach Hell, he preached against religious hypocrites like this one. for a better answer see:
    Admin: Mercy shall triumph over judgment. James 2:13

  4. Last month, after visiting 2 hell based sites and, I asked authors of both sites these 6 questions from

    If Hell is real, why didn’t God make that warning plain right at the beginning of the Bible? God said the penalty for eating of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was death–not “eternal life” in fire and brimstone.

    If Hell is real, why wasn’t Cain warned about it, or Sodom and Gomorrah, or any of those who committed the earliest recorded “sins?”

    If Hell is real why didn’t Moses warn about this fate in the Ten Commandments or the Mosaic Covenant consisting of over 600 laws, ordinances, and warnings? The Mosaic Law simply stated blessings and cursings in this lifetime.

    If Hell is real, why did God tell the Jews that burning their children alive in the fire to the false god Molech, (in the valley of Gehenna) was so detestable to Him? God said that such a thing “never even entered His mind” (Jer. 32:35). How could God say such a thing to Israel, if He has plans to burn alive a good majority of His own creation in everlasting fires?

    The King James Bible erroneously translates the word “Sheol” as Hell a total of 31 times in the Old Testament, thus setting a foundation for that doctrine in the New Testament as well as the majority of Bible translations to follow the KJV.

    If Hell is real, why were most of the warnings pertaining to punishment/Gehenna directed to Israel, particularly the Lord’s own disciples as well as the Pharisees? The first great cluster of references to Gehenna, are found in the Sermon on the Mount (Mat 5:22, 29, 30), Jesus’ great sermon to His disciples in which He warned that one was in danger of Gehenna for the likes of calling someone a fool. This is a far cry from our modern Evangelical interpretation that says not accepting Jesus as your Savior is what sends someone to Hell.

    If Hell is real, why are its roots in paganism, rather than the Bible? Many nations surrounding Israel in the Old Testament believed in Hell-like punishment in the afterlife, for they served bloodthirsty and evil “gods.” If Hell is real, why was the revelation of it first given to pagan nations, instead of God’s covenant people? Did God expect Israel to learn about the afterlife from the Pagan Gentiles?

    I am yet to receive a reply.

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