The Truth About Hell

The Internet is riddled with pages from Christian Fundamentalists, Evangelicals and other sects on the subject of Hell. They insist they are telling the truth. The following internet page is an example of the kind of truth one often finds on the subject of Hell. It is entitled The Truth About Hell, written by Terry Watkins. This site actually has proof that Hell is in the center of the earth, that there are people in it right now and their voices have been recorded. Click on the link to their site and read about their so-called truth. Then read the FACTS about their so-called truth on the next two web pages.

P.T. Barnum once stated that there is a sucker born every minute. That’s certainly true in the Christian community. We have become naive. One of the goals of this website is to encourage Christians to not be so quick to believe every story we hear that appears to validate the Bible (or our understanding of it). The truth can stand on its own–and shall–as we recieve the courage to discard our traditions and props, and throw ourselves on the ONE Rock of truth–Jesus Christ! May the What The Hell Is Hell site be a beacon of light to those who hunger for the real truth about the mythological Hell of Christendom.

The so-called Truth about Hell from a Christian Fundamentalist’s point of view:

For the best information on the subject of Hell, always consult:

And for scripturally sound information on who Jesus Christ is, visit: