Hellbuster Quote #2 J Preston Eby

Hellbuster Quote #2 J Preston Eby

“Few people, if they really had authority, would condemn anyone, even their worst enemy, to a burning, scorching, eternal hell. Yet, they expect God to do it!” J. Preston Eby


    • Jesus died for all mankind. In His language, Aramaic, he never preached Hell. Go to youtube and type in the search “toxic Bibles” and learn how our translations have been tampered with.

  1. what you sow is what you reap. if you do believe in God and do His commandments you will surely end up with God. but if you dont. surely you will not end up with God.and maybe there is hell for all who commit. murder, abortion, pre marital sex, liar, non believer on the existence of God, etc. why not save your soul now before it is too late? think really about it. when we die we are all alone to face the consequence of actions.

    • If you believe your commandment keeping will save you that Jesus died needlessly. But I KNOW you. You’re a human being, a blind sheep who doesn’t see the depravity of your own soul. But you’ll see soon enough, the wickedness in yourself and then you’ll change your tune.

      • hi, there, you’re also a human being. i know. deep down in your heart you know that if you sinned there’s a corresponding punishment to be served. i think you know somebody in the past. a president of a certain country who ordered the killing of millions of people. you saw schindler’s list. i hope so. do you think that person who committed that sin and did not ask repentance from God would be save?if you are one those unfortunate victims would you not cry for justice?

        • You take one of the worst cases to try to make your point on justice, but your reality says that anyone, simply for being born into this world deserves to be eternally tortured. Tell me about this “justice? In YOUR justice, where is forgiveness of sins? Where is mercy? “Mercy shall triumph OVER judgment.” James 2:13 A child disobeys a parent. Does this warrant eternal damnation? You see, your bringing up Hitler is a Red Herring. The fact of the matter is a god who starts a child on the road to eternal damnation and only if it manages to be in the right place and the right time and make the right decision (and the odds are way against it) is going to “be saved.” This view makes God look sick, weak and unworthy of worship. And that is why worship in church is so dry and phony. Christian really can’t truly worship the image of god they have been taught to believe in. Their image of God looks more like Satan or Hitler than the Lamb of God to takes away the sin of the world.

          • hello there again. when adam and eve.disobey God. they were sent away from the paradise. when the people during noah’s time did not heed God’s warning. a great flood from heaven killed them. fires from heaven killed the inhabitants of sodom and gomora.all of these things happened because of mans dis obedience and sins against God. what evidence do you want to know more. the rich man IN HELL asks abraham and lazaru to let them tell his brethen on earth about the place called Hell. wake up, BELIEVE AND HUMBLE YOURSELF.yes,God is soo merciful but if you are unwilling to follow Him. and willingly follow the footsteps of the evildoers… God will let you follow your leader which is satan. we are given the free will to do and choose what is right and wrong.

          • Now think. YOU sin every day, don’t you? You’ve probably never gone through a single day in your life without a bad deed or a bad thought. So based upon your own judgment of others who sin, then God should send you to Hell, shouldn’t he? But then what do you do, you consider YOUR sins not as bad as those you judge to eternal damnation. But God judges all equally. He doesn’t play favorites like you and I might. So based upon your own words, haven’t you condemned yourself to Hell?

          • After 25 years of being a hell believing preacher I started on my research only to find out that I met all the qualifications of making it there myself. Oooooops, i should have researched it much sooner rather than wait to find out that hell is real, just not what we us evangelicals have been taught it was. I am just as depraved as I was when I met our Lord Jesus 25 years ago with the exception that I no longer “live” in sin rather I “die” in sin. My new identity, justification, has me seing myself as God sees me and the rest of this depraved world, forgiven. Why preach the good news? To awaken people out of their hell.

  2. my own simple understanding on you belief. is that it is ok to be bad any way God will forgive and merciful to all of us. what if all people, really all people just started killing each other, raping innocent child, cannibalism, murder, group sex, lying, robbing, treason, and blowing up the whole earth with bombs of every kind. so God will just let all the people do all these things? anyway he is merciful?. common be realistic!!.
    if you eat rotten food, you get stomach ache.there is a corresponding consequence on the actions you do.
    God is good. if you are good you will end up with Him.
    Satan is bad. if you are bad you will end up with him.
    thank you so much for taking time to answer me.good luck and God Bless.

    • So salvation is not about grace through faith, it’s about good works and bad works. Is that what you are saying? But what does Paul say, Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.” You see, salvation is by grace, not of works, lest we do exactly what you are presently doing — boasting in your works over someone else’s.

      • I will add to Admin’s defense of truth – the words of Jesus in Mat 7:22 & 23 ‘Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? // And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.’ – So why was Jesus disgusted with these brethren? In His name they had done many wonderful works, like casting demons out of people, prophesying, etc. At first blush His words seem harsh and cruel and out of place, after all didn’t they do these acts because they were exercising the gifts of the Holy Spirit and obeying the ‘great commission?’ These are not marginally religious folks that follow doctrines of men dictated from a tiny nation in Rome, these are ‘workers’ for the Lord – their own words say so. But their own words also condemn them before their Lord and Savior, for they tell Him they trust not in what He had done for them but in what they had done for Him. They had ignored the main pillar of Christian salvation doctrine as Admin points out in Eph 2:8, that ge, like the ones Jesus condemns in this parable, also seems to be in danger of ignoring. Forget your works, they’re worthless. It aint by what we do for Him, but it’s faith in what He did for us. Their words basically trash His sacrifice for them on the cross (a slap in the face to Jesus) that His death for them was not to be taken as seriously as what they were doing for Him. I’ve labored the point because many of us mentally ACKNOWLEDGE the truth of it but few LIVE the truth of it. I know because I myself have been corrected – and that after ‘going to church’ for 30 years!!

        Salvation is instant and eternal, not a process, it is a gift of God by His grace which we receive by faith. As long as we have faith we’re saved by Jesus’ work on the cross and we are saved whether we do no works or 2000 of them. ‘He who has the Son has the life.’ In other words we don’t have to do anything FOR it.

        Sonship is another matter for it involves sanctification and I think ge is confusing the two. Salvation is justification, it is instantaneous. It is believed in the heart, confessed by our mouth and is done, period. Sanctification, on the other hand is the processing of our lives, the transforming of our lives, if you like, by the work of God through His Holy Spirit. It spans our entire life and involves ‘overcoming’ through praying, fasting, seeking, asking, knocking, suffering, obedience, patience (longsuffering), listening, sacrifice and getting to ‘know’ God and Him us – which is what the folks in Mat 7:22,23 didn’t do. Sanctification is a lifelong process while justification is instant.

        We obtain salvation by faith in His logos Word. We overcome condemnation from the Accuser and wash away the stain of our sin by faith in the Blood of Lamb and our confession of faith in His written promises. We overcome the (kosmos) world by faith in the revealed Rhema Word which sometimes comes in dreams, through angels, in the written word but usually a personal word spoken in our spirit sometime during the day – which we follow up on with study. The rhema word is where we get to know Him, where He draws us to Him. It is His process of ‘choosing’ (selecting, or should I say ‘electing’) those who are called. Overcoming the world and ‘entering heaven’ are crucial aspects of becoming a son of God.

        If we try & fight sin we’ll get bogged down and do ourselves tremendous harm. Jesus said ‘sin no more’ to some He healed because the law was still in effect at the time He said it. Righteousness through the law was in effect right up to the very second He gave up the ghost on the cross. After that, the veil was rent and ‘works through the law were forevermore rendered invalid.’

        He shed His blood for our sin. We will always have sin with us till these mortal bodies are removed. I and a few others I know believe God ‘uses sin’ in the life of a believer to draw and keep that person close to Him and dependent on Him. Paul says we are to ‘RECKON ourselves dead to sin’ specifically because we are NOT dead to it and never will be. It’s the blood that deals with this problem and not our strength to resist. You will find if you adopt this method by faith (which the Lord freely supplied to us at great cost to Himself) you will sin less and less. If you have a ‘besetting’ sin and you use the method the lord supplied us with you will eventually get the victory over it. WE DO NOT OVERCOME SIN SINCE THAT INVOLVES OUR STRENGTH, we have it laundered!

    • I believe hell exists but I also believe that God cannot send people to hell to be ETERNALLY tortured. It just doesn’t make sense. If you have not sinned eternally, how can you be punished eternally? The description that some give to hell (fire, worms, etc) is IMHO is symbolic. I believe God is good and wants EVERYBODY to be saved.

  3. Indeed the letter killeth. May God through his Spirit stir in us the ministry of reconciliation. I await Acts 3:21

  4. so you think those people being punished. are all in heaven now?how can God give them divine mercy when they don’t like and love God at all? it is said that it is easier for an elephant to enter the hole of a needle than man to enter heaven. God is pure and He wants man to be like Him before man can enter heaven. why it is very hard for you to accept that reality. why God asks our repentance if God will bring us all to heaven? we need to repent in order to enter heaven.

  5. For most of my life I believed in everlasting punishment for the lost. We can go back and forth quoting Scripture and never move an inch one way or the other. The subject of “hell” is so deeply seated in our minds by what the majority teaches and has so many facets that it would be near to impossible to change ones mind concerning the subject. It took me years to reject and overcome the standard teaching of everlasting torture. Sad to say most won’t see the true message of the power of Gods will and the ultimate power of Jesus sacrifice. The Lord has to show you this and it is a VERY hard thing to see. Why he chose me to see it I do not know, but I thank him daily. Just remember one thing, what appears to be the obvious is not always the truth. Man has conceived a lie and sold it to humanity by using a mistranslated English Bible. If the instructions are not correct the end product (our belief) will be flawed. To understand that Jesus is the saviour of ALL men takes more than just reading the English translation of the Scriptures. It takes 1st an open mind and a tender heart 2nd a Real in depth study of the origen of our English translations. May God open your minds to this truth. The road is a hard one and it will take many tears and MUCH time in study to see it, and most will stay in their comfort zone and will not even consider that just maybe there is a better way. May God open the eyes of your understanding. With men this is impossible but with God all things are possible.

  6. hello, ok, this is sounding good, but one thing i want to ask, is the second question i asked God when He revealed Himself to me, ‘what does Jesus save me from?’ because as one of the ‘unbelievers’ i didn’t believe i needed saving, and God showed me a vision of what i assumed was hell, a sea of heads all turned up crying out for God… but the vision has always baffled me a bit, because it was broad daylight, there was trees in the background, and the sea of heads all appeared to bald MEN, so now i’m wondering if it wasn’t a picture of some old religion that cried out to God before Christ, and got no answer… but still, the question remains, ‘what does Jesus save us from?’ is it all about saving us from the devil? coz you don’t really address the existence of the devil, and as alot of people will attest, the torments of hell on this earth often involve the demonic torments …. i’m a little confused at the moment, have been up for two days straight reading your stuff, and arguing about it with religious people, they called me a heritic, this the doctrine of demons, and one said ‘huh? where do the unbelievers go then? you need a reality check’… i said that that was what i was trying to do, to check reality

  7. If people want to have true peace and true Joy, They must embrace this Glorious Gospel of Paul and Jesus Christ ( Christian Universalism is the way)
    Thank you LORD of my Lord for leading me to Christian Universalism now I know what is AGAPE LOVE, finally I have tested the true fire of God (Holy Spirit) not the counterfeit Spirit of Mammon that is dominating todays church…all along I have been sincerely wrong about God….Christian Universalism is the truth…I have no doubt in my mind the Holy Spirit bares witness to this truth…Glory to God…Thank you LORD of my Lord..Hallelujah!!!!

  8. God as I understand is merciful and His banner over us is love. Yet He is sovereign and just. After reading the two sides of opinions on this forum I wanted to share my thoughts. I am eager to learn more about God and do not claim to be any authority. My relationship with God began when I recognized my arrogance and pride as I lusted over things in this world. There was no doubt I was a sinner. Before realizing my true character (like David did after a profit had pointed out his crime) Before this I might have even told people I was a christian. I believed I was a good person, until I was faced with some troubled times in my life. I made some very grave mistakes that are serious sins.

  9. Continued, oops pushed post comments before I was done. It was when I came before my Lord to confess my sin, (that I was above Him). I desired to repent and that I needed Him as my master. I realized I was nothing without Him and my every breath was only because He made it possible. I began to see more and more of how large and mighty He is and in turn it humbled me more and more. I have made changes in my life that have been made aware to me through reading scripture and listening to teachings. I was never forced to change or told I had to or I will go to hell. I only want to obey and serve my Lord. Through obedience God has given me strength to change, and has lead me to deeper understanding of my savior. Today it is a very intimate relationship. This did not come about easy I had to by faith trust and believe in Him and his saving grace. I most certainly am not deserving. I realize that there is nothing I can do, nor can I buy my way to heaven but faith without woks is dead. God does require things of me to honor Him, please Him, and receive His blessings. I see God as the almighty and most High God, He is sovereign, if He decides that I be written in the book of life or not that is His to make. This understanding keeps me humble and keeps me coming back before His throne. My strength comes from God, my knowledge comes from God, my understanding comes from God, my wisdom comes from God. He is my all in all but only because I have surrendered unto Him. If I never died to Christ my conscience would know that there is a price to pay for my sin. Because I am not perfect as He is perfect I am forever in my present state a sinner and therefore need to continually seek his forgiveness. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever should believe in Him shall have eternal life. He will have no part in evil. I think that we all are aware of our sinful nature and that we aimlessly seek to fill a hollow in our soul. It is a spirit filled Christians job to shed the light. Hell is a concept I must confess I do not know enough about and have questions concerning it. However I would have equal concerns and questions if i embraced the theology that we can run a muck no matter what we do here on earth it will all turn up smelling like roses. I would need a sold understanding from God before I would release universalism, or easy believfism upon my son. He would have a party shaking his hands in the air like he dont care till his last days. I am a believer in Gods truth and I have questions that need answers about the beliefs of a congregation I follow. That has lead me to this site, I understand the points made, I also believe in a God most powerful to save all sinners from damnation and that he is most willing that none should perish. However I believe God is sovereign, just and will not have any part in evil. The Roman Catholics, and Mormons believe in rescuing the sinner after death, and I can not say I subscribe in either theologies based on scriptures.

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