LIFE BEYOND THE GRAVE – Heaven and Hell on CBN and Pat Robertson

fear of hell

fear of hellThe week of February 21 through 28 the 700 Club on Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is going to feature interviews on those who claimed to have gone either heaven and/or hell. I received the following email notice from the 700 Club:

Next Week on The 700 Club

Be sure to join us every day next week for a special series:


•Meet real people who went to heaven and hell

•Find out what really happens when you die

•Discover what the Bible has to say about heaven, hell, and how to be sure where you’ll spend eternity

Tell your friends and family not to miss a single day—all next week on The 700 Club!

Pat Robertson

This “special series” is going to poison the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world. The stories and comments by CBN hosts will NOT tell you what REALLY happens when you die and they will NOT REALLY tell you the whole story about what the Bible has to say about heaven and hell. They will mix the truth with enough poison to make you very sick of heart. We, at Tentmaker Ministries, have prepared a little antidote to Pat Robertson’s CBN poison at the following links:



Tentmaker Resources:

Dear reader,

If you know someone near and dear to you who follows Christian Broadcasting Network and its poisonous teachings, please send them these links. They are an antidote to the Hellfire and damnation messages that fill the internet and airwaves of this world.

Remember, God is Love,a love that NEVER fails and for Whom NOTHING is impossible including your salvation, the salvation of your friends and even the salvation of your enemies. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

If Jesus commands His followers to do this and in this way to overcome our enemies, don’t you think God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, is going to overcome His enemies the same way?! Of course. Jesus Christ, is indeed, the savior of the whole world.

THIS is the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ that Paul, the apostle, preached. This is truly “Good News,” the “Glorious Gospel.” This is the only gospel worthy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This gospel, is indeed a “joy to all peoples.” BELIEVE IT! And be set free from the “traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect.” Matthew 15:6-9

The teaching of Hell is a tradition devious men have injected into the church and even in many Bible translations. It is time to expose this tradition for what it is, Satan’s greatest lie which most of the church has swallowed. It is time to be freed from this abominable lie.

Gary Amirault, Tentmaker Ministries.