Love Wins. What a Terrible Thing to Say

love wins
Love Wins

by Gary Amirault

love wins
Love Wins

Well, Rob Bell, author of “Love Wins: Heaven, Hell and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived” has stepped over the edge and said it. Love Wins! Imagine that. From the stir these two simple words are causing one would think Rob Bell is spreading a new deadly virus. But this message, Love Wins, has been around since the beginning of creation — actually longer. It was in the mind of God before He said, “Let there be light.” The only reason these two words are hurting the ears and eyes of the Church world is because it has still not come out of the Dark Ages. The Protestant Church slightly opened the door to Light 500 years ago, but it has not yet left its cave to step into the kingdom of God and its righteousness.

Universalism was the Light of the early Christians for over 500 years. Then a combination of men, primarily Jerome, Augustine, Constantine and Justinian closed the door to the Holy Spirit and replaced God’s Spirit with the “traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect.’ Matthew 15:6-9

Over the last 1600 years or so, those who had enough Holy Spirit and boldness in them to say, “Love Wins” were usually killed and had their writings burned. Even during the Protestant Reformation, those who yelled, “Love Wins” were killed or exiled by every “orthodox” church, whether Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist or whatever.

Today, they can’t kill you. But I have little doubt that should the state authorize the burning and beheading of heretics, that the faggots would burn once again, even in Evangelical America.

The last main church player to declared “Love Wins” was Carlton Pearson. He soared so high in the right circles that he was invited to the White House. But when Pearson opened his mouth and declared what he called “The Doctrine of Inclusion,” that is, the salvation of all mankind (universalism) the church came at him with everything they could throw at him that was legal. Carlton lost his church of several thousand, his position on the board of directors of Oral Roberts University, recording contracts and church platforms he once shared with the big names of christendom became closed to him. While the church as a whole gave Pearson a thrashing, the secular media was rather nice to Pearson.

It seems Rob Bell will probably meet the same fate. The secular media is being used by HarperOne, the publisher of Love Wins, to generate quite a stir. They will side with Rob Bell on this issue. What remains to be seen is how much of the Church world, Rob Bell can will over. I think he may be able to win more Christians over into leaving Hell and entering the kingdom of God than those who have previously tried in recent times. There have many hundreds of books, DVDs, youtube presentations, web sites that have popped up in recent years declaring Love Wins. Tentmaker Ministries has been screaming it for over 20 years. The tide is turning. How much the tide will turn after Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” comes out remains to be seen. But the message of the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to be preached as long as there is a single soul still locked up in their carnal mind. God’s Love is the light that will light up the world, every single soul who ever lived and ever will live. The Truth is Love Wins for everyone. Hell is empty. To see how empty visit

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  1. hello, i’ve got ‘love wins’ ready to read on my kindle, i tell of the love of Jesus just as much if not more as a universalist than as a hellfire person…. but Christians wonder why i preach if everyone is saved in the end, and i have to say that the only conclusion i can come to is that Jesus actually cares about the HORROR AND TORTURE OF THIS LIFE, more than we can know…. Jesus Himself admitted that He didn’t come to save ‘the well’ but ‘the sick’, so if people feel they don’t need Jesus, i don’t condemn them, they will get Him later anyway, when the veil is lifted and they would be INSANE not to accept God’s unspeakable tenderness…

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