Oh, Hell

by James Whitcomb Reilly

Oh Hell–just what is meant by this word Hell.
They say sometimes it’s cold as Hell,
Sometimes they say it’s hot as Hell.
When it rains they say it’s Hell they cry,
And it’s Hell when it’s dry.

They hate like Hell to see it snow,
It’s a Hell of a wind when it starts to blow.
Now how in the world can anyone tell,
What in the Hell they mean by this word Hell.

This mad life is Hell they say,
When he comes in late, there’s Hell to pay.
When she starts to yell it’s a Hell of a note,
And it’s Hell when the kids you have to tote.

It’s Hell when the doctor sends you his bills,
For a Hell of a lot of trips and pills.
And when you get this you will know real well,
Just what is meant by this word Hell.

Hell yes, Hell no, and oh Hell too,
The Hell you don’t and the Hell you do.
And what Hell of a Hell it is,
The Hell with yours and the Hell with His.

Now where in the Hell and oh Hell where,
And what the Hell do you think I care.
But the Hell of it is it’s sure as Hell,
That we don’t know what in the Hell is Hell.