The God Pluto

Pluto and Neptune were brothers of Jupiter in Roman Mythology just as Hades and Poseidon were brothers of Zeus in Greek Mythology.

Pluto’s father was Saturn.

Pluto lived in the underworld in Roman Mythology just as Hades did in Greek Mythology.

Gold and other minerals come from under the ground so that is why he was the giver of wealth.

Pluto was also the god of punishment and death.

Pluto was a God in Roman Mythology.

The Planet Pluto was named after the God Pluto.

Pluto was also known as Dis or Orcus – giver of wealth.

Source: Encarta Encyclopedia

in Greek mythology, god of the underworld, son of Kronos and Rhea; also called Hades. After the fall of the Titans, Pluto and his brothers Zeus and Poseidon divided the universe, and Pluto was awarded everything underground. There, with Persephone as his queen, he ruled over Hades. Not only a god of the dead, he is identified as a god of the earth’s fertility. The Romans derived their god of the dead-Orcus, Dis, or Dis Pater-from Pluto.

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Host of Many; wise in counsel; Zeus beneath the earth; he of many names
Hades (Gk. for “unseen”)
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