The Calvinist Arminian Catholic Protestant Monster


I have a friend who has hereditary genetic problems in his family. Much of his family suffers from depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. Due to his concern that he might pass this on to children, he decided never to marry so that he wouldn’t curse children with the genes he inherited.

According to the gospel of traditional church, God wanted to have children made in His own image. Since he had foreknowledge and sovereignty and was all-powerful, He knew that most of those that would come forth in birth would be rejects, misfits, deformed, degenerate, insane corrupt, rebellious and could not be redeemed. He knew this would happen before He set creation in motion. But because he wanted to have a few children who would come out perfect that he could truly love as his own, He set forth a creation generating billions upon billions of children who would be cursed to suffer with imperfections that would prevent them from being accepted into the kingdom of god. These children could not enter a perfect heaven because God is perfect. These rejects would be eternally estranged from God, nay, even worse, these children would be damned, cursed, tortured in their misery for all eternity.

My friend, who forsook having children because he didn’t want to burden them with his genes is a better example of someone worthy to worship than the god of traditional Christianity. I am sooo grateful, my loving heavenly Father has revealed to me that the traditional gospel of church is a lie from the father of lies. All mankind will receive the genes of Jesus Christ. The god of traditional Christianity makes Satan look good. And that is where this hideous teaching taught by most of the church comes from; it comes from the father of lies.

All mankind is loved unconditionally by our heavenly Father. For scriptural proof of that visit

Gary Amirault