Universalism Versus Hell

Universalism VS Hell
Universalism VS Hell

Due to the internet and print-on-demand printing, more and more of the world is becoming aware that the church has been hoodwinked and has hoodwinked most of the world for 1500 years. It was in 1553 that the fifth council of the Church declared Origen, the greatest scholar of the early church, a heretic. It was under the rule of Emperor Justinian, one of the most perverse Christian emperors of all time, that the glorious teaching of universal salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ became a heresy. From that time forth, those who believed and taught that Jesus will save all mankind would be labeled heretics and suffer the penalties associated with heresy.

Excellent books that trace this plunge of the Church from its early glory to what would be known to the world as the “Dark Ages” are:

Universalism, the Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church of the Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years by Dr. J.W. Hanson

Mercy and Judgment by Canon F.W. Farrar

The Doctrine of Scriptural Retribution by Dr. Edward Beecher, brother of Henry Ward Beecher.

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment by Thomas Thayer

The Second Death and the Restitution of All Things by Andrew Jukes

For 1500 years the “traditions of men which make the word of God of no effect” have held sway in the tens of thousands of denominations of Christian churches, but the tide is turning, the light is shining, the glory is spreading and the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against those who have stood against the hideous teaching of Hell. It is time the Gates of Hell be torn down by Christian who have faith enough to believe that the church has told them is impossible, that is, the salvation of the whole world. Well, with the traditional church, it seems almost nothing is possible, Satan wins most, according to tradition. But our Father has always kept a remnant who would buck “tradition.” Read the books above and enter the joy of the Lord.

Here is what happens to some who read this material:

“This is the best site I’ve found on the Internet in 20 years of Internet surfing. After believing in hell for the better part of 48 years I’ve now discovered the Amazing Good News of the Gospel. At first I thought it was to Good to be true having been one to warn others about hell. I’ve now discovered that this indeed is a false doctrine as much as I tried to find fault that eventually all mankind shall be reconciled to God. Scripture no longer contradicts itself. Unbelievable how we the church have been blinded. The material and research on this site is fantastic. Thank God for people who dare to think against the grain. A Big Thank-you. God Bless you for such great news. This was so awesome I just bowed my head and thanked God. Truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news. God saves all mankind. How amazing. Truly God is Love. What peace fills my heart. Thank-you. Kirk”

“The resources on this site saved my life, both physically and spiritually. I can’t even express my thanks. They’re too big for words. Grace”

Visit the best resource on the subjects of Universalism and Hell on the internet at:

Tentmaker Ministries Scholars Corner

“And I, if I am lifted up from the earth will draw (literally drag in Greek) all mankind to Myself. This He said signifying what manner of death He should die.” John 12:32, 33