Fear of Hell – Stygiophobia – hadephobia

December 26, 2014 Gary Amirault 0

Fear of Hell – Stygiophobia – Hadephobia By Gary Amirault Stygiophobia, also called stigiophobia or hadephobia, is the fear of Hell. The word is derived from the Greek words Stygios, meaning “hell”, and phobos, meaning “fear”. The former is derived from the River Styx. over which souls were carried into the underworld. The latter is […]


The Calvinist Arminian Catholic Protestant Monster

December 28, 2013 Gary Amirault 0

I have a friend who has hereditary genetic problems in his family. Much of his family suffers from depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. Due to his concern that he might pass this on to children, he decided never to marry so that he wouldn’t curse children with the genes he inherited. According to the gospel of […]

Why Non-Christians Don’t Believe Christians About Hell

September 5, 2013 Gary Amirault 0

Does Your Walk Talk? I do not believe that you Christians believe your own creed — for if you were persuaded that things really are as your Bibles teach, and that we poor lost people were really going to such a dreadful place as you say Hell is — then you would act more humanely toward us. […]

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Universalism Versus Hell

June 26, 2013 Gary Amirault 0

Due to the internet and print-on-demand printing, more and more of the world is becoming aware that the church has been hoodwinked and has hoodwinked most of the world for 1500 years. It was in 1553 that the fifth council of the Church declared Origen, the greatest scholar of the early church, a heretic. It […]