Fear of Hell – Stygiophobia – hadephobia

Fear of Hell – Stygiophobia – Hadephobia
By Gary Amirault

Stygiophobia, also called stigiophobia or hadephobia, is the fear of Hell. The word is derived from the Greek words Stygios, meaning “hell”, and phobos, meaning “fear”. The former is derived from the River Styx. over which souls were carried into the underworld. The latter is itself derived from the Greek god Phobos who was the son of Ares and accompanied him into battle.

The fear of Hell has been postulated as the basis for the human fear of death, apparently out-weighing various beliefs in a rewarding afterlife.

Latin: stugius; Greek: stugios

Stygian: adj., a. dark, gloomy, or hellish; b. completely inviolable, as a vow sworn by the river Styx.

Interesting aside — the adjective sturgein means “to hate.”

The fear of death in called thanatophobia.

Hell-fear is the fear of Hell. It’s most unfortunate that Christianity is supposed to be the antidote to the fear of Hell and Death but it is not. The institution of Christianity has incorporated over the centuries the pagan and heathen ideas of Hades, Stygios, Phobos, Hele, etc. and has all but drowned the truth that Jesus came to deliver us from our fears of death and the afterlife, especially our fears of man-made myths like a Hell of everlasting punishment.

Thousands of artists like Michelangelo are employed by patrons to depict the afterlife in horrible ways. Michelangelo’s depiction of “The Judgment” is a good example.

The fact is, Jesus the Chosen One, came to save mankind from death and the fears associated with it. This site along with http://www.tentmaker.org and http://lovewins.us have been created to combat this horrible teaching. On these sites you will find all the resources needed to help people understand that the original languages of the Bible did NOT contain the concept of a place of everlasting punishment nor of a God who would send people to such a place. When one enters into the right relationship with Jesus, this fear of death and Hell vanish and give room for His love, joy and peace to manifest in our lives. If you have any questions, please reach us with the contact button on this web site. May your heavenly Father set you and your loved ones free from this horrible bondage and bring you into His incredible love for you. The Bible says many times “Fear not.” Be freed, from this horrible teaching and enter into the joy of the Lord.

The Calvinist Arminian Catholic Protestant Monster

I have a friend who has hereditary genetic problems in his family. Much of his family suffers from depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. Due to his concern that he might pass this on to children, he decided never to marry so that he wouldn’t curse children with the genes he inherited.

According to the gospel of traditional church, God wanted to have children made in His own image. Since he had foreknowledge and sovereignty and was all-powerful, He knew that most of those that would come forth in birth would be rejects, misfits, deformed, degenerate, insane corrupt, rebellious and could not be redeemed. He knew this would happen before He set creation in motion. But because he wanted to have a few children who would come out perfect that he could truly love as his own, He set forth a creation generating billions upon billions of children who would be cursed to suffer with imperfections that would prevent them from being accepted into the kingdom of god. These children could not enter a perfect heaven because God is perfect. These rejects would be eternally estranged from God, nay, even worse, these children would be damned, cursed, tortured in their misery for all eternity.

My friend, who forsook having children because he didn’t want to burden them with his genes is a better example of someone worthy to worship than the god of traditional Christianity. I am sooo grateful, my loving heavenly Father has revealed to me that the traditional gospel of church is a lie from the father of lies. All mankind will receive the genes of Jesus Christ. The god of traditional Christianity makes Satan look good. And that is where this hideous teaching taught by most of the church comes from; it comes from the father of lies.

All mankind is loved unconditionally by our heavenly Father. For scriptural proof of that visit http://www.tentmaker.org/ScholarsCorner.html

Gary Amirault

Hellish Christian Ideas

Why Non-Christians Don’t Believe Christians About Hell

Hellish Christian IdeasDoes Your Walk Talk?

I do not believe that you Christians believe your own creed — for if you were persuaded that things really are as your Bibles teach, and that we poor lost people were really going to such a dreadful place as you say Hell is — then you would act more humanely toward us.

If you saw our houses on fire — you would run and help us to put the fire out; or if you saw us in danger of death — you would try to do something to save us. But you pretend to believe that we are going to Hell, and that Hell burns with fire and brimstone forever, and that once there we can never get out — and yet you talk to us about all sorts of things — but never say one word to us about saving our souls from this terrible doom!

So I have reasoned thus: either you Christians don’t believe what you say — or else you must be the most hardened and unfeeling wretches in the universe! Now, as I don’t believe that you are such cruel, hardened, and unfeeling people as this supposes — then I must conclude that, with all your talk — you Christians don’t really believe what you think your Bibles teach!

For if you really believe what you say about sin, and Hell, and our danger — then you would act differently; and if you have a spark of kindness in your hearts — you would try to save us from such a dreadful doom. And, on the other hand, if you do not believe what you profess — then you Christians cannot be honest; and to say the least, there must be a great deal of hypocrisy among you.

Now, I honestly tell you that these are the things which have stumbled me more than anything, and until I can see you Christians act differently — I will not be persuaded to believe what your sort of folks say. From “The Book You Will Like!” James Smith (1859)

Universalism Versus Hell

Universalism VS Hell
Universalism VS Hell

Due to the internet and print-on-demand printing, more and more of the world is becoming aware that the church has been hoodwinked and has hoodwinked most of the world for 1500 years. It was in 1553 that the fifth council of the Church declared Origen, the greatest scholar of the early church, a heretic. It was under the rule of Emperor Justinian, one of the most perverse Christian emperors of all time, that the glorious teaching of universal salvation through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ became a heresy. From that time forth, those who believed and taught that Jesus will save all mankind would be labeled heretics and suffer the penalties associated with heresy. Continue reading “Universalism Versus Hell”