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#1 Universalism–The Prevailing Doctrine of the Christian Church During Its
First Five Hundred Years by Dr. J.W. Hanson

http://www.tentmaker.org/books/Prevailing.html (567K)
Zipped file for download: Prevailing.zip (194K)

#2 The Bible Hell by Dr. J.W. Hanson
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/TheBibleHell.html (157K)

Zipped file for download: TheBibleHell.zip (157K)

#3 Arguments in Favor of Universalism — E.E. GUILD
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/InFavorCh20.html (101K)

#4 100 Scriptural Proofs Jesus is the Savior of the World by Thomas Whittemore
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/ScripturalProofs.html (68)

#5 Bible Threatenings Explained by Dr. J.W. Hanson
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/BibleThreateningsExplained.html (515K)

#6 The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail by Gary Amirault and Tony Hinkle
(Proves many Bibles do NOT contain Hell or “everlasting punishment.”
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/GatesOfHell.html (83K)

#7 Early Christian View of the Savior by Gary Amirault

#8 Aion by Dr. J.W. Hanson
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/Aion_lim.html (214K)

#9 The Power of Life and Death is a Four Letter Greek Word–Aion by Gary Amirault
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/PowerOfLifeAndDeathInAGreekFourLetterWord.html (64K)

#10 Time and Eternity by G.T. Stevenson
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/time/index.htm (4K)

#11 Analytical Study of Words by Louis Abbott
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/asw/index.html (5K)

#12 Rich Man and Lazarus Parable Explained by J.F. Witherell
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/Lazarus.html#HELL (40K)

#13 Eternal Death: One Step Out of Hell, One Step Short of Glory by Gary Amirault
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/EternalDeath.html (195K)

#14 Just what you do mean…Judgment? by J. Preston Eby
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/Judgment-Eby.html (145K)

#15 The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment by Thomas B. Thayer
http://www.tenmaker.org/books/OriginandHistory.html (397K)
ZIP archived copy (138K)

#16 Bible Translations That Do Not Teach Eternal Torment by Gary Amirault
http://www.tentmaker.org/books/GatesOfHell.html (83K)

#17 The Lake of Fire — by J. Preston Eby. What is the significance of the words “lake of fire?” Do the words indicate a literal place of fire as we know it?

#18 150 Reasons For Believing in the Final Salvation of All Mankind –by Erasmus Manford. 150 Scripturally-based reasons, proving that God is not the eternal tormenter of most of of His creation.

#19 History of Opinions on the Scriptural Doctrine of Retribution–by Edward Beecher. This lengthy work provides invaluable research on the history of Hell. Includes the influence of various pagan religions on Judaism and Christianity.

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Don’t we need the doctrine of hell to keep people moral? (24K) — Find an answer in this excerpt from a book by Thomas B. Thayer, 1855